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        Zhengkang has the capability of module design , product structure design, thermal simulation and product processing . Zhengkang has a variety of welding equipment, can make products that combine multiple welding processes, stable and efficient production capacity with rich experience, and can also provide customers with better and more efficient electronic cooling solutions and processing services.

        Staff number:150

        Factory area : 12000㎡

        1. Development history


        2009   Established

        2012   Moved to Liyatang industrial zone

        2014   Passed ISO9001 quality certification system,ISO14000 environmental certification system

        2015   Zhengkang (HK) heat transfer technology Co.,ltd

        2016   Factory area was expand to 12000㎡

        2017   Passed the automobile industry quality certification system IATF16949

        2019   Jiangxi Zhengkang Thermal Technology Co.ltd had construction commencement ceremony

        2. Facilities

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